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About Shaastra

Shaastra, published by Indian Institute of Technology Madras, is the first mass-circulation science and technology magazine from an Indian educational institution. The bimonthly magazine aims to bring a solution-driven perspective to developments in science and technology, both at home and overseas, as well as their impact on society.

Supported by the 50,000 alumni of IIT Madras, Shaastra fills a long-felt need for a validated source for in-depth reporting and analyses on current research. Put together by a professional team of journalists, it is written in a form that is accessible and engaging to a general reader. It is intended to serve as a platform to enable informed conversations between industry, academia, and policymakers.


Editor Hari Pulakkat (
Executive Editor Venky Vembu (
Deputy Editor T.V. Jayan

Associate Editors
Rekha Dixit, Shubashree Desikan

Contributing Editors
Gauri Kamath, Bishakha De Sarkar

Special Correspondents
Manupriya, Richa Malhotra

Aditi Jain, Pallab Roygupta, Sweta Akundi

Creative Consultant: Peali Dutta Gupta

Shamik Kundu, Karan Khanna

Head of Operations K. Srikanth

Manager, Branding and Communications Prathibha Parameswaran

Editorial Board
S. Vedantam, B.S. Murty, H.S.N. Murthy, J. Tripathy, R. Rengaswamy, K.M. Sivalingam, G. Jayaraman, H. Ramachandran, D.K. Chand, U. Dash, R. Rama, Y. Shanthi Pavan, B. Santhanam, B. Patnaik


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