Welcome to Shaastra, a science and technology magazine from IIT Madras, which will keep you informed of cutting-edge developments across these two domains. Shaastra will bring an Indian perspective to global science and technology and an international perspective to Indian science. In-depth reportage on a broad range of subjects will be complemented by enriching views from experts. All of this will be presented in a language that will appeal to industry and academia – and to general readers with a keen interest in science and technology.

The inaugural May-June issue of Shaastra, released as an e-edition, is now available for you to browse. We are offering it free to our readers, and we invite you to read the flipbook – and download the entire issue in PDF format.

Our full-service website will be ready soon, which will let you share individual articles of particular interest on social media platforms and elsewhere.

Shaastra will soon be available in print, too – as a bimonthly – priced at Rs 199 per issue. We invite you to express your interest in subscribing here.

Do share your feedback on the inaugural issue at editor@shaastramag.org

Tell us what you liked, and what you might like to see more of in Shaastra. Join us on this exciting journey of discovering the wonderland of science and technology.

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