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Special Feature

This way for an AI cure

  • from Shaastra :: vol 03 issue 01 :: Jan - Feb 2024

Researchers are working with the healthcare community to develop solutions powered by AI.

When the West African nation of Sierra Leone was wracked by the Ebola pandemic a decade ago, Mary-Anne Hartley volunteered there as an Ebola Research Lead. She soon realised the limitations of traditional statistical models in a resource-constrained setting where every healthcare decision relied on probability. Her South African upbringing influenced her research, which now focuses on developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools tailored for low-resource settings to aid optimal healthcare decision-making.

AI tools, such as hers, are revolutionising healthcare, assisting in clinical decisions, diagnosis and disease tracking. Despite challenges and safety concerns, researchers everywhere are working to address the limitations through ethical and responsible AI adoption. This will help meet complex healthcare needs by providing quicker diagnoses, personalised treatments and improved patient outcomes.


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