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Special Feature

Nature's wonder material

  • from Shaastra :: vol 02 issue 06 :: Nov - Dec 2023

From scaffolds that trap cancer cells to energy-efficient glazing, nanoscale cellulose finds new uses.

Scientist-innovator Jayant Khandare has every reason to be excited. While OncoDiscover – India's first (and the world's second) clinically approved liquid biopsy test for cancer – developed by his start-up Actorius Innovations and Research is well on track, his team has hit upon yet another interesting technology lead.

Working closely with his friend Mohiuddin Quadir, a materials science researcher at the North Dakota State University in the U.S., Pune-based Khandare found that nano-sized scaffolds made of cellulose, a material abundantly found in nature, can be used to trap cancer cells circulating in the bloodstream for detection. Such capture is an effective way to detect cancer early on.


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