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And wellness for all

Mobility, simplicity and automation are the three primary axes for making healthcare more accessible and affordable.

At many levels, COVID-19, which accelerated access to healthcare and enhanced our ability to test for disease and understand risk factors, delivered a message to humanity. The coronavirus itself is genetic material in an envelope. In addition to protecting its contents, the envelope has the master key to the mailbox: the individual human cells. Once in, the message takes over the replicating and broadcasting mechanism of the cell to reach other cells. It similarly has a simple technique to go from person to person.

But what is the bigger message, and what are the lessons? For me, the message is about respecting the complexity and the collective responsibility of living on this planet. It is also about celebrating technology, which can make healthcare more accessible and affordable. The journey of healthcare from diagnose and cure to predict and prevent is well under way. The journey is advanced by our understanding of tissue and bone health, of cellular health, and of molecular-level propensity to disease. Prediction and early intervention can significantly reduce the economic burden of chronic and acute diseases.


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